9-4-2016 fishing report

image imageIt has been a very tough last 6 weeks.  I have not had any trips worth reporting and have not gotten any reports of big catches.  We should be thankful for the awesome fishing we had earlier in the year.  If I were to give any advice at this time it would be go offshore, way offshore, yesterday we started at 150′ of water at 5:00 am and got nothing, water temp at 150′ was 68 on top and 64 down 100′ we trolled east out to 400′ and temperature on surface was 68 and down 75′ was 49 degrees,  we marked alot of fish at 100′ down and could not convince them to go for a boat ride.  Then we set up all spoons and worked surface down to 75′ and caught 1 rainbow and lost 3.  The weather patterns have not been stable enough to set up some good fall runs yet.  We need steady west winds and rain, this will kick start our fall program.  I guess the moral of this season is get out and catch fish when they are around,  because it is just going to get more tough from here on out.